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  1. Band Heaters
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Ceramic Band heaters

Aug 25, 2014

The electrical connection is available with cable outlets or post terminals covered with junction box.

About Us

Sep 11, 2017

Elmec Heaters and Controllers has been a pioneer in the manufacture of products that meet the most challenging applications. Established in the year 1975,Elmec has been specializing in the production of electrical heating elements for more than 30 years. They also provide a full-fledged and thorough analysis for the components of the entire thermal system. From a family-run business, Elmec Heaters and Controllers have grown into a market leader in the design and manufacturing of Heaters and Heater banks for commercial and industrial use. Elmec is also one of the major heater exporters nationwide. Through extensive research and development, Elmec has introduced new technologies like hotrunner heaters, cartridge heaters and thermocouples which help to achieve a greater flexibility in both design and elements to suit most of the applications to work with these equipments. Elmec Heaters has established a well-known and prominent position in the market for quality work, durability and good customer service and is now bound to undergo significant expansion.



Sep 12, 2017

Elmec manufactures furnaces for laboratories and for various other applications. Furnace to reach maximum temperature upto 1200°C can be supplied.

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Band Heater

Nozzle Band Heaters

Hot Runner System

Manifold Heaters



Oct 11, 2017 / Home product


Oct 11, 2017 / Home product


Oct 11, 2017 / Home product