Cartridge Heaters


Elmec Cartridge heaters are available in low, medium and high watt densities with internally externally connected leads. We also manufacture Split type cartridge heaters for high temperature applications. We built every technically possible heaters as per your requirement.

Ceramic cartridge heaters

Elmec Ceramic Cartridge Heating are made of helically would resistance coil stretched and strung through series of open type ceramic insulators. The elements is centrally supported by SS 304 rod. For high temperature applications SS 316 (or) SS 310 rod are used for center support.



  1. Nickel Chrome / kanthal resistance wire
  2. Available in Dia 26 mm to and Length upto 3000mm
Surface watt density:
  1. For oils - 1.4 to 4 watts / cm2
  2. For wter - 1.4 to 8 watts/cm2
  3. For Metals - 2 to 5 watts/cm2
  4. For air 1.6 to 3.2 watts/cm2
  1. Heading Liquids & gases
  2. Dryers
  3. Ovens
  4. Printing Machinery
  5. Packing Machinery
When ordering please specify:
  1. Dia & length of the heater
  2. Wattage and Voltage
  3. Type of terminal
  4. Cold zone length & hot zone length

High density cartridge Heaters

Elmec High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters are manufactured with most advanced technology and quality raw materials, enables usage with high watts in small spaces and advanced manufacturing process ensures our heaters are vibration proof and thus ensures excellent reliability in heavy duty working conditions (Like Plastic Processing, Printing, Packaging and automobile industries where the heaters are subjected to heavy vibrations). The high performance is achieved by correct installation of the cartridge heaters. The perfect fitness of the heater in the hole facilitates good heat exchange between the surfaces of heater and mass to be heated thus increases the heater life and reduces energy loss.



  1. Plastic processing machinery
  2. Hot runner mould
  3. Packaging machinery
  4. Dies & moulds
  5. Shoe machinery
  6. Labeling machineries and a lot of other applications.
  7. Food processing machinery
  8. Hot Stamping
  9. Heating gases and liquids.


  1. Sheathing material : SS 304 and SS 316
  2. Available with inbuilt Thermocouple 'J' or 'K'
  3. Maximum sheath temperature 800oC
  4. Rugged & durable construction
  5. Highly compacted construction improves heater life and reduces the effect of vibration and shock.
  6. Excellent heat transfer.
Mounting bore clearance:
The gap between the heater O.D and the bore I.D should be very close.


To determine Fit :
Fit = Largest hole I.D - Min heater O.D
Ex: Heater O.D = 12.5 mm (± 0.06mm std. tolerance)
Hole I.D = 12.6 mm (± 0.02mm hole tolerance)
Min heater O.D = 12.44 mm
Largest hole I.D = 12.62 mm
Fit = 12.62 - 12.44 = 0.18 mm (max permissible clearance)


Refer Operating temperature Vs Watt density graph to find max permissible clearance.
Dia mm 6.5 8 10 12.5 16 19 25
inch 1/4 5/16 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 1
Length Min mm 35 35 40 40 50 60 75
Max mm 250 250 500 500 1500 1500 1500


  1. Fibre glass or Teflon wire crimped or welded to terminals
  2. Fibre glass wire with SS metal braiding
  3. Wires protected with SS or GI flexible conduits
  4. All wires are available in straight or right angle exit
  5. Drawing or sample required for special type terminals

Low density cartridge heaters

Elmec Low Density Cartridge Heaters are made of helically wound nickel chrome resistance wire evenly stretched and placed in ceramic insulators. The elment assembly is inserted into Brass/SS 304 tube. High grade MgO powder is filled in the remaining space inside the ceramic insulators to increase thermal conductivity, dielectric strength and heater life.

cartridge new1


  1. Low watt density heaters are available in brass or SS 304 sheath.
  2. Medium & High watt density heaters are available in SS 304 sheath.
  3. Braided Wire, straight or right angle exit.
  4. Uniform surface temperatures.
  5. Flange type optional Braided wire.
  6. Max temp for SS tube 400oC, for Brass tube 200oC.


  1. Processing machinery.
  2. Injection and Blow Moulding.
  3. Hot runner bushings.
  4. Packaging machinery.
  5. For fastening of turbine bolts .
  6. Extruders.
  7. Hot plates, moulds & dies .
  8. Food processing machinery
  9. Medical Equipments
  10. Shoe Machinery

Mounting Bore

The inner diameter of the hole can be between 0.15mm and 0.30mm larger than the cartridge diameter. The lesser the clearance between the heater and the bore diameter, the longer will be its life.


  1. Diameter - Min 8mm to Max 45mm
  2. Length - Available in any desired length
  3. Max watt density 3.5 watt/sq cm.
  4. For higher wattage and high temperature we recommend high watt density cartridge heaters.


  1. Available in Teflon wire, fiberglass wire and nickel chromium wires. Insulated with ceramic beads or fiber glass sleeves.
  2. From Dia 22mm onwards, screw connections are available
  3. Send drawing or samples for any specific configuration
  4. Fibre glass or tefflonwire crimped or welded to terminals

When Ordering please Specify :

  1. Type of heater
  2. Wattage and Voltage
  3. Dia & length of the heater
  4. Drawing for special type configuration

We can manufacture and supply any intermediate diameter and length, Send drawing or sample for special size.

Split type cartridge heaters

Elmec Split Type Cartridge Heaters are developed for high temperature applicationa. Helically wound resistance coli is placed inside the tube filled with MgO powder and compacted for faster and efficient heat transfer

  1. Excellent heat transfer.
  2. More clearance can be provided for inserting split type cartridge. Heaters compared to standard conventional cartridge heaters.
  3. Can be inserted and removed easily.
  4. Longer life.
  5. Uniform heat transfer.
  6. Available in SS304 SS316 sheaths.
  7. Hot zone up to the tip of the element.
  1. Plastic Processing & Packaging Machinery
  2. Injection & Blow Moulding
  3. Extruders
  4. Foundaries
  5. For fastening of Turbine Bolts
  6. Soldering pots
When ordering please specify
  1. Dia & length of the heater
  2. Wattage and voltage
  3. Type of terminal
  4. Drawing for special type configuration


Available Dia: Mm 6.5 8 10 12.5 14 16 19
Length(mm) Min 40 40 40 50 75 75 100
Max 500 600 900 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500


We can manufacture and supply any intermediate diameter and length, Send drawing or sample for special size

Types of terminals for cartridge heaters






Watt density VS fit size for cartridge heaters

Operating temperature of heater and fit size are major factors in determining the life expectancy of cartridge heaters. Select closest practical fit size for installing cartridge heaters for heating metal parts referring

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