Hot Runner Heaters & Bushes


Ceramic band heaters



  1. Nickel Chrome Resistance Wire.
  2. Ceramic Fiber Insulation reduces power consumption by 20 to 30%
  3. Available with heating & cooling combination.
  4. Max.7 watts per sq. cm.
  5. Max.Temp.250oC
  6. Terminal Box, European plug option.
  7. The electrical connection is available with cable outlets or post terminals covered with junction box.
  8. The heater can be manufactured from a diameter of 38 mm upward.
  9. For special type of terminals,drawing is required.
  1. Plastic Processing Machinery.
  2. Injection and Blow Moulding.
  3. Extruders & Many other applications.

MICA band heaters

Elmec Mica Band heaters are made of Nickel Chrome resistance ribbon precisely wound on specially selected Mica or Micanite sheet. It is then insulated and covered by metal sheathing and rolled to the required shape. We build every technically possible heaters as per your requirement.



  • Rust resistant Sheath.
  • Top Quality Nickel Chrome ribbon.
  • Max. 3.6 watts/cm2
  • Max. Operating temperature up to 250 °C
  • Available with inbuilt insulation pad to reduce power consumption.
  • Plastic Processing Machinery.
  • Injection and Blow Moulding.
  • Extruders & Many other applications.
  • Many other Applications. (Medical,Lab-Equipments....etc)

Nozzle Band heaters

Elmec Nozzle Band heaters are available as
  1. Mica Nozzle Band Heaters
  2. Plastic proof Nozzle Band Heaters
  3. Leaf Proof Nozzle Band Heaters
  4. We build every technically possible heaters as per your requirement.


A. Mica Nozzle Band Heaters
  1. Sheath material brass.
  2. Max.operating temp 280°C.
  3. Max.surface load 25w/sq. inch.
  4. Fiberglass or Teflon insulated SS mixed wire terminals.
B. Plastic proof Nozzle Band Heaters
  1. Plastic proof.
  2. Sheathing material high grade steel or brass.
  3. Operating temp brass 280°C - SS 350°C.
  4. Max. surface load Brass 30w/sq. inch, SS sheath 45w/sq. inch.
  5. Metal braided Fiberglas wire terminals.
C. Leaf proof Nozzle Band Heaters
  1. Plastic proof.
  2. Sheathing material high grade steel.
  3. Max.operating temp 600 °C.
  4. Max.surface load 60 w/Sq. inch.
  5. Insulation - high grade mineral insulation.
  6. Metal braided fiberglass wire terminals.
  1. Hot runner bushings.
  2. Nozzles of plastic processing machineries.

Type of terminals

  1. 12" Lead or Post Terminals
  2. Junction Box
  3. Two flexible fiberglass insulated lead wires without junction box.
  4. Protected fiberglass Wires with G.I or SS flexible conduct.
  5. Vertical/horizontal male plug on the heater Max. Amp 16 at 250V.
  6. Fiberglass wire exists between Inner and Outer sheath.
  7. Post terminal option available at 19 mm length.
  8. Ceramic connectors Max. Amp - 25 A




When ordering please specify :
  1. Inside dia. & width of the heater.
  2. Wattage & Voltage.
  3. Construction type
  4. Type of terminals required.
  5. Drawing where special type of holes or cutout required.